Ten Community Laundry Room Facility Tips

A community area laundry room can be a valuable amenity for any apartment complex.

The following tips are a good start to making your community laundry facilities appealing to residents. This also provides owners with a valuable leasing tool.

Convenience Is The Key

The primary design consideration of a laundry room must be the convenience to residents. Community area laundry rooms should be located near main traffic areas. A good rule of thumb is to place laundry facilities within 250 feet of any unit. It isĀ preferable they they are on the same floor because this is easier for all residents. This may mean having several smaller rooms, rather than one large, centralized one.

Make It Safe

The safety and security of your property, including the laundry room, are key factors in resident satisfaction. Taking a few extra measures such as placing the community area laundry room in a well-lit and adequately visible location goes a long way in promoting resident safety. Ā Also, consider making the room accessible only to residents by placing locks on laundry facility doors.

Keep A Clean Area

Residents shouldn’t have to endure dirty laundry areas, too. To ensure cleanliness, schedule regular cleanings of the premises. Provide plenty of lined trashcans to encourage resident participation in keeping the area clean.

Make Sure Equipment Works

Be sure to check and ensure the equipment is working properly. Ā This will maintain the value of your community laundry room. Ā It will also guarantee that laundry equipment will always be ready for resident use. Encourage residents to report when equipment is not working properly.

Keep Costs Down

Laundry is something everyone has to do, and making it affordable is one way to keep residents doing their laundry on the property. By charging reasonable fees for washer and dryer usage, you’ll see an increase in resident retention because the will be less likely to go to a laundromat.

Supply Enough Machines

Having the right amount of washers and dryers in a community area laundry room reduces wait time and increases resident satisfaction. The demographic make-up of your property will help determine the number of machines you’ll need for your professional MLA laundry route operator can assist you with this decision.

Add Technology

Technology is finding its way into the laundry room, making laundry easier and more convenient for residents. Use card systems rather than coin operated machines because it will makeĀ things easier on your customers.

Enhance the Social Element

Community area laundry rooms are a place where residents socialize. Laundry facilities are an extension of a resident’s homes, and they are used more often than the leasing office or lounge area. Add in ample seating to promote a sense of community.

Brighten Up

Laundry rooms should be inviting and attractive! A fresh coat of paint will go a long way in brightening up a laundry room. In addition, it is important to select a color that goes with the overall design and color scheme of your property. Ample lighting can increase security and enhance the cosmetics appearance of the laundry facility.



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