lg_apartmentElite Laundry Systems has the know how and understanding of what it takes to assess buildings and communities to make sure we find the best solution for your apartment or multifamily complex. Since every area and community is unique, we will work with you to make sure we meet the needs of your residents and property managers. Our knowledgeable team will work to create customized options and plans to make sure we find the right fit for you.

We provide a large selection of commercial grade equipment, customizable technology packages, real-time monitoring, multiple payment options, and design layouts. Just let us know what you need and we’ll create a solution so we can maximize your time and income; all while keeping your tenants happy!

Just select from one of the below options:

ELS Full-Service Laundry Lease

This is the easiest/simplest option for the owner or property manager that doesn’t have time or expertise to manage their laundry room(s). Let ELS do all the work! We’ll install, maintain, service, and collect all machines on a pre-determined Rev-Share. Sit back and relax while we pay you a monthly commission from all the proceeds. It’s that simple! We’ll even help with ideas on designing and building out an attractive laundry room to max out your potential.


ELS Equipment Leasing Plans

We offer flexible and competitive lease programs for apartment or business owners to meet the needs of your building. We’ll provide you with brand new state of the art equipment with a low cost flat monthly rate for each machine and you collect all the revenue. We can also service them for you as well!


Purchase/Own Option

Feel like just purchasing the equipment for yourself? No problem. We’ll help select the right equipment for your apartment or business and you can purchase the equipment as you need. Financing options are also available.