Lease negotiations can be tricky if you don’t know what it’s all about.  And working with difficult landlords can be even trickier.  When Elite develops a new laundromat, retrofits an existing or closed down store, or brokers a laundry opportunity; they handle this process before the project even begins. Developing or remodeling a coin laundry, like with any retail business, the bottom line is to create a profit center, and what you pay in rent, besides all the other overhead, is a very important piece of the pie. Additionally, Elite is able to identify and negotiate the subtle and hidden terms in a lease that can protect you down the road.

Lease negotiations are critical to the successful formula of this business and needs the expertise of an experienced negotiator, which is what you’ll find when you work with Elite. Put your trust in the experts at Elite and rest assured you’ll protect your biggest investment for years to come.