Elite offers the industry’s best solutions for alternative or card payment¬†systems.

Card systems provide a number of benefits for laundromat owners or apartment laundry room operators. We pride ourselves in offering the very best card system manufacturers that we know will serve our customers best. With quite a few options and customizations available; we’re certain we can meet the needs of our customers and allow you¬†to enjoy the benefits of a card system in your¬†store or laundry room.

Elite is a proud distributor of many major card payment systems such as but not limited to:

ESD                                                       Card Concepts

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Eliminate theft and vandalism from your coin boxes as well as removing the exposure of collecting individual machines. Customers like it too because they don’t have to carry large amounts of quarters and cash around the store.

Save Time! Save valuable time collecting your store by not having to collect quarters from each machine and filling changers. 
Increased Safety!
Marketing & Loyalty!   You now have the ability to offer: loyalty programs, add bonus value to customers cards, track spending habits, promotions, and more! Additionally, once customers use their card once, they will typically come back if value is still left on the card. 
Flexible Pricing! With a card system, you can increase pricing anytime any day; even by only a penny vs having to manually change each machine by $.25 increments.
Alternative Forms of Payment! Allow customers to use their Credit/Debit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and EBT with certain providers. 


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