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Bring PayRange, the leading mobile payment service, to your vended laundry customers or Multifamily residents. Within minutes your washers and dryers can accept payment in the most convenient, secure, and rewarding way. Once you’re upgraded, your room will include signage and sticker decals inviting your residents to download the 5-star rated PayRange mobile app with their smartphones. It takes them seconds to get started.

Additional benefits also include:

  • Less service call management due to a reduction in coin

jams and overfilling machines.

  • Easier refunding by crediting the resident’s or customers account

with a push of a button or coupon code.

  • The ability to give free or discounted laundry to customers or residents

as a gift or a perk for signing a new lease or first time use.

  • A live person to answer questions in both Spanish and

English. PayRange’s customer support system is available 24/7.

  • There is no additional cost to your residents or customers for using

the service.

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